By following our care instructions, you will help to extend the life of your Changing Robe while making sure it performs at its best, when you need it the most.

PRODUCT:   Tranquillity Changing Robe 

The Tranquillity Changing Robe does not need washing regularly. If it gets dirty (covered in mud or sand), try leaving it to dry before shaking it off or cleaning it with a damp sponge.

Due to the nature of the waterproof outer fabric, washing by machine, should be limited as much as possible, as the process could age the garment much the same as with other outdoor and waterproof clothing.  


  • Wash your Tranquillity Changing Robe inside out
  • Machine washable at MAX 30 degrees | IMPORTANT: only use non-bio powder
  • Cold Wash by hand is recommended
  • DO NOT hot wash
  • DO NOT dry clean
  • DO NOT iron
  • DO NOT use fabric conditioner
  • After the spin cycle, hang or lay flat to dry at room temperature
  • Tumble Dry on Low


Using a Washing Machine Filter or a filter bag can significantly reduce the flow of microfibers into your drain. 


Tranquillity Changing Robes are treated with an eco-friendly durable water repellent finish. Once your Changing Robe has been thoroughly worn or repeatedly washed multiple times you may need to reproof your Changing Robe. You can tell when reproofing is required, as water will no longer bead up on your Changing Robe, this is a sure sign that re-proofing is required.

Let us know when re-proofing is required, and we’ll send you a bottle of Grangers Performance Repel Plus (to our existing customers for the life of the product) This durable spray-on waterproofing treatment ensures you are protected and ready for adventure! 


  • Superior repellency
  • Maximises breathability
  • Restores to like-new performance
  • 100% Recycled bottle
  • Bluesign® approved
  • PFC-free
  • Effective without heat activation
  • Neutral smell