Ultimate Warmth and Comfort

Posted by Keith Liddell on 25th Oct 2022

Ultimate Warmth and Comfort

A Changing Robe gives you the option to get changed anywhere, often with a waterproof shell and a plush inner fleece lining to keep you warm whilst changing outdoors, Changing Robes offer you protection from the elements.

Changing Robes are available in various styles and fabrics to cater for your needs, ideal for use by amateur sports enthusiasts, those seeking adventure or simply looking to walk the dog in comfort from the wind or rain.

Unfortunately, not all Changing Robes are created equal. Some offer a softer and thinner fleece lining that, while dry, keeps you warm, but when wet, does not provide the same level of protection or comfort. The level of comfort can be directly linked to the absorption of the inner fleece lining, impacting on how comfortable you feel when dry vs being damp.

If you are one who spends time on the water surfing or swimming, you appreciate the need to get changed soon after getting out of the water, relying entirely on an absorbent inner fleece lining to wick moisture away from your skin, leaving you dry and therefore comfortable.

When designing the Tranquillity Changing Robe, our goal was to produce a garment that provides you with ultimate protection against the elements, combining Waterproof and Windproof materials balanced with a fleece lining that is soft yet thick enough to wick moisture away from your skin, leaving you dry and toasty while outdoors.

The Tranquillity Changing Robe was designed to support outdoor enthusiasts who often find themselves in inclement weather, offering a welcome transition from being cold and wet to being warm and dry, particularly after chasing the perfect wave, achieving that wild swimming milestone, while camping or during Cold Conditions.

The Tranquillity Changing Robe won’t disappoint, it is placed as the perfect DryRobe alternative and an essential piece of kit for everyone enjoying an outdoor and active lifestyle.

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